Frequently Asked Questions

  • + So, what's the deal exactly?

    If you're an experienced fundraiser, we'll pay for your return flight to Australia and New Zealand if you work for us for a minimum of 6 months.
  • + Am I an experienced fundraiser?

    Yes, if you have had at least three months experience as a face to face fundraiser, hitting targets and have references available to prove this.
  • + Is this some sort of scam?, Will I owe you money?

    Nope, once your application is approved we pay for your flights up to a value of AUD $1500. You get paid for your fundraising work as per normal - the flight payment is in addition to normal remuneration!
  • + Requirements?

    Yes, requirements. You obviously have to achieve a certain standard otherwise we wouldn't be offering you a whole heap of money. However all you need to do is hit minimum targets - 3 sign ups a day - for 6 months - which you will be paid on as per normal.
  • + So I have to speak to you before the flights are booked?

    Correct. We run a quick interview process to verify your fundraising experience, and once approved, we can have you here as soon as possible.
  • + Do I need a visa?

    Absolutely, luckily this is very easy to do. You can make sure you qualify by looking here for Australia & New Zealand.
  • + Where can I work in Australia?

    We have teams in the following cities in Australia; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. In New Zealand, Auckland, Christchurch and Bay of Plenty. You would be more than welcome to run road trips to regional and remote parts of both countries!.
  • + What am I waiting for?

    Don't look at me. Go to the registration page and start filling out the form and we hope to welcome you soon!